Counseling with Dr. Richard Driscoll

Some of the challenges people commonly face are from situations, such as a stand off with your spouse or a teenager who rebels and refuses to talk, while others have lingered over so many years that you wonder if they can ever change.  I work with the immediate problems and the persistent ones as well.

I am an active therapist.  I listen, and then it is my job to help you explore alternatives and see what is right for you.  Life can be difficult, and I try to make counseling as comfortable as possible.  Counseling tends to last from two to eight sessions.   Most of my clients tell me they leave feeling more hopeful than when they came in. 

With family relationship conflict, it is best if both of you are willing to meet with me, although often one wants counseling and the other is reluctant and has a “what good will it do” mindset.  I find that we can clarify relationship problems with just one of you and  surprisingly, once one of you makes the appointment the companion will often want to come along as well, to make sure both sides of the issues are heard. 

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