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 Ordinary fears and anxieties can make a even the best of days feel bleak and dreary. 
The website offers several trainings CDs to help you to better manage stressful situations.

  Our most meaningful relationship are ofter fraught with misunderstandings.  See why, and what you can do about it.

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Learn to shield out hostility instead of being slammed by it.  Highly effective. Includes easy-to-read booklet and training CD.  
Confidence training for anxious  students. Lowers anxiety, improves concentration. Confirmed half letter test score gains.
You cannot simply will yourself to relax. Active  protocol counters anxiety and panic. Learn it now, use it anywhere.  
See through our romantic masquerades, and meet the real men and women behind the appearances. Masquerades

 MP3 Download

 MP3 Download

These rapid anxiety control trainings have produced solid benefits over 16 years and in seven published studies.
Training benefits last several months and with occasional reviews, you can maintain benefits indefinitely.
Animations present light lessons for all of us

       guideTherapists:  see Guidelines for Psychotherapy in Ordinary Language


We can provide a brief 5 10 minute consultation (free),
to help you identify your objectives and consider how you might best accomplishing them.

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