Publications by Dr. Richard Driscoll

Psychotherapy in Ordinary Language

How do we figure out when to use one form of therapy over another? The author suggests an ordinary language approach, and shows how we can see further and communicate more clearly using ordinary language concepts and a smattering of common sense. Guidelines are presented as steps to attain the objectives of various therapies.

“there is so much common sense in this book that it borders on wisdom”

Gerard Egan, Ph.D., Loyola University, SEPI review of 1st printing

Personal Shielding to Deflect Hostility

Do you deal with irritable co-workers, an angry boss, an upset mate, critical parents, or complaining children? Are you easily stressed and intimidated by the negativity around you?

Learn to brush off hostility instead of taking it personally. Shielding protects against anger, contempt, manipulation, insult, and general ill will.

Allow others to work through their own negative feelings on their own, without allowing it to affect you so strongly.

Easy to learn and highly effective. Of those who listen to the audio training twice, 80% report being clearly calmer in confrontations with family members or at work.

Tame Test Anxiety

You can read all the good advice you can find, but it fails to grab you emotionally and your anxiety remains. The confidence training offered here provides you with an actual experience of doing well, and reliably reduces anxiety and increases test scores.

Several innovative features make the training particularly fast, and the protocol was found to reduce test anxiety, improve concentration, and increase test scores among various college and high school populations.

Would You Meet Me Halfway

Would You Meet Me Halfway? shines a flashlight on the power struggles between men and women. Enjoy this clearly written presentation of the cleverly camouflaged combat tactics between men and women. The authors are masters of understanding our misunderstandings, and show you how to navigate through these confusing times.

This is just the ticket for those who wish to: 
° Learn to stay on track 
° Resuscitate a burned-out relationship
° Make a good relationship great 
° Laugh out loud at our shared foibles 
° Investigate some of the most intriguing puzzles of our times